Karlstad University

Department of Health Sciences

We are one of the youngest universities in Sweden – dynamic, brave, and innovative. The close link between research, education and cooperation is a foundational feature of the whole university, and social commitment is part of our university culture.

The University is located on one campus in Karlstad, offering a modern and creative environment. The inviting library lies at the heart of campus, providing a highly appreciated study environment for 16 000 students. Karlstad University also has a campus in Arvika, where the Ingesund School of Music with its 400 students is located.

Today, we offer around 70 degree programmes and over 900 single-subject courses at Bachelor and Master levels (first and second cycles). There is also an extensive distance education programme. One student in four chooses to study off campus.

Karlstad University is known for providing high quality education in several professional areas, such as teacher training, business studies, engineering and nursing.


Karlstad University
Jan Nilsson
Senior University Lecturer, PhD
Faculty of Health, Science, and Technology
Department of Health Sciences
SE-651 88 Karlstad
Phone: +46  (0)54 700 1473
Cell phone: +46 (0)73 9873870
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