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Thehigh quality part-timestudy modelsof the Instituteof Nursing Scienceand Practiceat the ParacelsusMedical Universityin Salzburgare based on many years of experienceinscientific and practice-orientedteaching as well as extensive clinicalresearch in various health service areas. These part-time studies can be optimally combined with work and family commitmentsandallow the student already workingin the care sectorto supplement their (extensive) practical professional knowledge with academic concepts.

The innovativedegree programs innursing science provide the chance to earn the degrees Bachelor ofScience in Nursing(BScN) and Master ofScience in Nursing(MScN) based on the refinedacademic standardof the ParacelsusMedical University.

Theonlinestudy program in nursing scienceis characterized bya soundcurriculum ensuring timeliness,practical relevance andinternationalbasisin research andteaching. The program can be implemented part-time, from home and with individual time management. Theonline degree program has been awardedseveral nationaland international recognitions.

TheModel 2in1 in Nursingis a cooperation between the ParacelsusMedical Universityandselected (vocational) schoolsfor nursing careinAustria. Thisstudy program provides acomprehensive theoreticalandpractical trainingin the contextof a scientificbase education. After only 7semesters, a student can receive the Bachelor’s degree in nursing science along with theprofessional (vocational) qualificationin nursing care.

In April2014, theMaster’s degreein NursingScience program began with25 (available) study places and a concept that is uniqueamong German-speaking countries. Its design is a combination of online curriculum and attendance periods whichcan be completedpart-time.


Health care (provision) research

· Pain

- Postoperative pain

- Pain in the elderly


Study Programs

· Online Bachelor in Nursing Science

· Model 2in1 in Nursing Science

· Master’s Program in Nursing Science



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