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At the Institute of Nursing Science, nursing as well as health prevention and health promotion are accounted cross-societal tasks that must be further developed in a scientifically sound and comprehensive manner in combination with other disciplines.

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Assoc.-Prof. Dipl.-PGW Dr. Daniela Deufert

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The core element of the activities at the institute is the clear orientation towards nursing practice and towards the perspectives of the people in need of care and their family members.

With the training of scientifically qualified personnel in the health and nursing sector, the Institute of Nursing Science also contributes to the integration of evidence-based nursing knowledge in the nursing practice and to the subsequent establishment of evidence-based nursing as a nursing standard. As today many nursing activities are still almost exclusively based on knowledge gained from experience, it is vital that the findings of nursing science at universities do not remain an academic end in itself but that in the future expert knowledge is increasingly influencing day-to-day care. Correspondingly, the study courses offered at the UMIT are diverse and practice-oriented.

The following study courses are offered by the Institute of Nursing Science:

  • Bachelor, master’s and doctoral programmes in nursing science
  • Combined nursing studies (Bachelor programme in nursing science combined with the training courses for the high-level services of nursing and health care