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FH Münster

University of Applied Sciences was established in 1971.Today almost 14.000 young people are studying one of our 87 degree programms, 38 of which are Master’s programmes, in addition, around 110 cooperative doctoral candidates are working towards a doctorate, supported by our Doctoral Studies Programme.

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Prof. Dr. Regina Lorenz-Krause

+49 251 83 65900

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Over the years Muenster University of Applied Sciences has become an international and interdisciplinary University. Teaching staff and students contribute equally to the successful transfer of scientific findings to practical fields. We are one of Germany’s largest and most successful Universities of Applied Sciences.


A central concern for us is promoting international and intercultural competencies of our students and teachers. Therefor we support the international exchange more intensively, but also to create offers for all those students who cannot afford a foreign stay for financial or personal reasons. In addition, we want to provide further training in transfer and quality management for universities abroad. We have an International Office, we are in the Erasmus Program and have many international partner universities e.g. in the USA, South America like Brasilia, Africa, Asia, Scandinavia and other European Countries. We also have a Centre of Humanitarian Competences to develop skills with students who want to work in Humanitarian International Aid Organizations (e.g. International Red Cross and other NGO´s).

Muenster School of Health (MSH)

MSH was established in 1994 in response to the need to create new, high-quality structures and qualifications in health care. We started with about 40 students and in fact about 600 students are registered today.
We encourage our students to think critically of our health care system and prepare nurses, therapists, midwives and teachers for their professional roles in nursing, clinical practice, administration, teaching and research as well as for a variety of tasks. They acquire special skills in health promotion, prevention, treatment of patients and rehabilitation.and palliative care. Interdisciplinary collaboration and networking with organizations and partners in the health care sector requires a broad range of skills and competencies.
According to a holistic and systemic philosophy, the MSH focuses on the interdisciplinary and multiethnic cooperation in our courses, in research and projects, in the field of education and management in health care and care. We teach modern systems in Health Care, Managed Care, Case Management, Nursing and Educational Programs.
We offer the following Study Programs: BA in Nursing and Health Care Management, BA in Therapy and Health Care Management, BA in Vocational Education in Health Care – Nursing, BA in Vocational Education in Health Care –Therapy, BA in Clinical Nursing (Dual System) , MA of Education of Health Professionals – Nursing, MA of Education of Health Professionals – Therapy, BA and Master in Teacher Training at Vocational Colleges – Subject Health/Care” in cooperation with the Muenster School for Vocational Education.