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University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

The University of Applied Sciences (UASU) started in 1988 by merging different organisations, including the Faculty of Health Care. The UASU has about 39.000 students and over 3.400 employees. The Faculty of Health Care (FHC) has about 4000 students.

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The FHC has 3 institutes offering bachelor programs:

Institute for Nursing Studies:

  • Nursing
  • BMH (Bachelor Medical Services)
  • Management of Care

Institute for Human Movement Studies

  • Cesar kinetics and therapy
  • Physiotherapy

Institute for Allied Health Care Professions

  • Dental Hygiene
  • Applied Pharmacology
  • Optometry and Orthoptics
  • Skin Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

These Institutes run a knowledge centre ‘Innovation in care’, in which the research centres of the FHC cooperate.

The FHC offers several post bachelor programs for nurses, as well as 3 professional Master programs: Advanced Nursing Practice, Care Trajectory Design and Physician Assitant.