Østfold University College

Østfold University College offers 60 subjects of study in two regional cities in Norway, i.e. Halden and Fredrikstad. Østfold University College has approximately 4.500 students and 500 staff members. We offer a range of bachelor’s degree programmes and a few master’s degree programmes.
The Faculty of Health- and Social Studies
The Faculty is situated in the town of Fredrikstad, and has at present 1300 students and an academic staff of 100. We offer professional bachelor’s programmes in Nursing, Social Educator Training, Social Work and Child Welfare Education. In addition the faculty offers advanced courses for Health Professionals and a Master’s Programme in Interdisciplinary Co-operation within Health and Social Care.


Associate professor
Jörg W. Kirchhoff
Østfold University College
Faculty of Health- and Social Studies
1757 Halden
Email: jki[at]hiof.no
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