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University of Gävle

The University of Gävle is situated in the middle of Sweden, on a centrally located campus, about two hours by train from Stockholm.

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Maria Engström
PhD, RN, Professor in Nursing

+46 73 461 4310

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The university was established in 1977 and we have about 60 degree programmes, several freestanding courses and about 17 000 students and around 750 employees. The university is organized into three faculties: “Faculty of Health and Occupational Studies”, “Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable development” and “Faculty of Education and Business Studies” whereof nursing belongs to the first. The university’s strategic research areas are “Health Promoting Work”, “Urban Sustainability”, “Innovative Learning” and “Intelligent Industry”, all involving researchers from different disciplines. Within nursing we offer programmes at the first, second and third cycle of higher education. At the Bachelor level (first cycle), we offer nursing programmes starting twice a year in Sweden, and one nursing programme together with Lishui University in China, starting once a year. Our Specialist nursing programmes (second cycle) are within Primary health care, Anaesthetic care, Intensive care and Elderly care. The PhD programme in Nursing (third cycle) started in 2017.