The University of Borås

The University of Borås

The University of Borås has approximately 12 400 students and just over 700 employees. In collaboration with the public and private sectors, we conduct education and research of high international quality with great societal relevance. We are a modern university with a central campus in the centre of the city. The national and internationally known Swedish School of Textiles and Swedish School of Library and Information Science are a part of the University of Borås, both of which have educational programmes and research. Several of our educational programmes are only available at our institution and therefore attract students from all over Sweden. The university offers courses and study programmes within many areas. The university is organized in three faculties; Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare, Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business, Faculty of Librarianship, Information, Education and IT. The university is entitled to award doctoral degrees within four of these areas; Library and Information Science, Resource Recovery, Textiles and Fashion (design and general) and The Human Perspective in Care (Caring Science).


Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare

The faculty offers programmes and courses in nursing, midwifery pre-hospital emergency care, anaesthesia, intensive care, mental health care, elderly care and child health care. The strength of the school lies in providing high quality teaching and research from the patient’s perspective. This is an approach of attention for people in need of care and support, and a true aspiration to adapt care to each patient’s unique needs. Next of kin’s participation is also emphasis on clinical training and there is an extensive collaboration with nearby hospitals and municipal health care services. The faculty’s academic staff members within caring science are especially prominent in life world research and primarily focus on three main areas: pre-hospital emergency are, care for exposed groups and reflection and learning.

The faculty also offers programmes and courses in Public Administration, Organizational and human Resource Development, Organizational sustainability and management within care, Health promoting leadership and employee ship within care, Leadership Development for Geriatric Care Managers and in Health Care Administration. There are two research centres connected to the faculty, PreHospen – Centre for Prehospital Research and R&D Sjuhärad Välfärd – A Centre for Research and Development in the field of welfare.



University of Borås
Department of Work Life and Social Welfare
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